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We offer highly interactive testing packages! A large selection of assessments are available for all major Software products, as well as Call Center, Clerical, Accounting, Legal, Medical, Industrial and Behavioral titles.

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The most successful corporations have learned that better trained employees with up-to-date skills are happier and more productive, which results in lower employee turnover! Reference Guides, CBT/CD and Internet training are available.

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Call Center Skills Testing

Preview our Call Center Testing!

Are they ready for the job?

Hiring and retaining personnel with the right skills is the key to success in a modern call center. Our Call Center Skills tests can help you determine if applicants are ready for the job, or if present employees or new hires require specific training.

Consider some of the content included:

  • Tests for audio data-entry skills which assess an examinees' ability to enter data , as it is read aloud in a real-world call-center style telephone conversation.
  • Problem Solving Calls in which the candidate had to solve customer problems, such as helping customers resolve the status of an existing order or handling customers with simple or complex complaints.
  • Informational Calls in which a candidate had to provide an existing customer or a potential customer with information about the status of an existing order or about company products and services.
  • In addition to being polite, a call center representative must answer questions and provide information in a way that resolves a caller's issues quickly and conclusively.
  • When working in a customer service environment, a call center candidate must approach customers with professional courtesy.

Many online Call Center tests are available!

Please review some of our Call Center test titles below:

  • Audio Customer Service Scenarios
  • Audio Sales Scenarios
  • Audio Data Entry
  • Coding
  • Data Analysis
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Telephone Skills
  • Data Entry - Sales Leads
  • Data Entry - Sales Orders
  • Postal Codes
  • Spelling

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