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We offer highly interactive testing packages! A large selection of assessments are available for all major Software products, as well as Call Center, Clerical, Accounting, Legal, Medical, Industrial and Behavioral titles.

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The most successful corporations have learned that better trained employees with up-to-date skills are more productive and reduce employee turnover! Reference Guides, CBT/CD and Internet training are available.

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M.O.U.S.® - Skills Testing

Microsoft states, "To earn the Microsoft Office User Specialist (Office Specialist) certification for Microsoft Office or Microsoft Project, you must pass one or more certification exams. Office Specialist exams provide a valid and reliable measure of technical proficiency and expertise by evaluating your overall comprehension of Office or Microsoft Project applications, your ability to use their advanced features, and your ability to integrate the Office applications with other software applications."

Tests for all versions of MS Office are available. (XP, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013!) The world's best assessments for Microsoft Office skills are now available for employee selection, workforce development, education and training. You will find that the system provides appropriate tests, test content, and test development tools to meet the most exacting needs.

Standard Tests meet the highest standards for psychometric validation for employment selection. And huge, industry-leading test question data banks, are ideal for trainers and educators to precisely map assessments to training and course curricula, the best way to measure the effectiveness of training.

Software Skills tests on Microsoft Office allow test takers to answer questions by performing tasks in any way the actual office software allows - with no need to buy the actual software. In addition to providing standard, validated tests on all Microsoft Office products, there are also large databanks of test questions for each Microsoft Office application, covering all major features of all Office versions, including MS Office 2013.

Our Microsoft Office testing products, provide the highest-quality, performance-based testing on ALL features of the world's most popular desktop applications.

Using the advanced test-making tools, administrators can create tests that include questions from any test product, or combine their own questions with the advanced simulation test items!

MS Office tests are available online via the Internet.

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MS Office Testing

MS Office 2013 is here! Testing is available for MS Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Windows & Word!

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